Welcome to complete special needs financial planning services.

When faced with all the uncertainties of a disability diagnosis, it’s natural to have unanswered questions and to want to know what to expect.

The Abeona Group team understands the peace of mind that comes from knowing:

  • That you’re supporting your child with every available benefit and resource
  • That he or she will live a life above and beyond what government benefits provide
  • That a sibling won’t be required to inherit caregiving duties when parents are no longer here
  • That retirement is a real option, even with the demands of caring for a special needs child

Our services help you understand your financial options, make informed decisions and plan for a future where your entire family’s needs are met. Learn more about the services we provide to families at every stage of life:

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Special Needs Planning

Because no two families are alike, no two special needs plans will be the same. Every special needs family has different challenges, needs and a unique vision for their future. Using a person-centered approach focused on the individual with a disability diagnosis, Abeona Group creates Special Needs Plans that incorporate your family’s goals and vision and coordinate government benefits with estate, retirement, and long-term financial planning.

Some Special Needs Plan considerations:

Government Benefits – SSI, Medicaid, SSDI, Medicare, Developmental Disability Services, Waiver Programs, Vocational Rehabilitation, Housing and Personal Care Support

Financial Planning – Parent or caregiver retirement, future income of the individual, ABLE accounts, Social Security Income, wealth management, college funding

Legal Services – Estate planning and special needs trust funding, multi-generational inheritance and gifting, guardianship and alternatives

Transition Planning – Action items that need to be considered as the individual turns 18, including: education services, benefits eligibility, medical and financial decision making authority and support

Professional Collaboration – Attorney, CPA, case managers, community partners and resources, IEP and transition planning team

Support System – Parents, siblings, grandparents, caregivers and community

Abeona Group is your advocate because we truly understand the complexity of planning for the future of a loved one with special needs and the unique journey each family experiences. We will support your vision throughout the entire process, resulting in a Life Care Plan that uniquely reflects our close collaboration with you.

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Retirement Planning

Most of us don’t want to work forever. Our team creates retirement strategies for two generations, where parents feel they can live the life they envisioned for their retirement and know that their child will have the financial support needed after parents are no longer here.

Planning for a parent’s own retirement and long-term care — plus a special needs child’s future care — is a delicate balance, one that should align seamlessly with the family’s special needs plan, trust funding, incorporating financial, and estate and tax planning.

Our community partners, from the legal field to government services, help us bring key insights to the families we assist with retirement planning.

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ABLE Account Strategies

ABLE accounts allow people with eligible disabilities diagnosed prior to age 26 to save for their everyday needs without exceeding the needs based benefit asset limits. The Abeona Group team can help you use ABLE accounts to support and empower your loved one to live a life that aligns with your family’s vision while coordinating estate planning considerations and government benefit eligibility.

A few facts about ABLE accounts:

$16,000 annual contribution limit (2022).

Employed beneficiaries can contribute the lesser of their annual compensation or the federal poverty line amount for a household of one.

Oregon resident contributions may be eligible for a tax credit, depending on income.

$100,000 can be saved within an ABLE account without affecting SSI benefits.

Growth accrues without income taxation.

Funds from an ABLE account can be used tax-free for qualified disability expenses such as health, education, housing, transportation and more.

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Wealth Management Strategies

There are life events when a family may need unique wealth management strategies, such as receiving an inheritance, selling a business or planning for a settlement. Our investment team specializes in complex wealth management strategies, keeping your family’s particular circumstances in mind.

Our comprehensive planning approach is guided by your goals and encompasses all areas of wealth management, from investment advisory and insurance services to tax strategies and trust services.

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Government Benefits Planning

This Abeona Group service provides valuable education and strategies for people with disabilities and their families who are navigating the complex eligibility rules for government benefits.

Needs-Based Benefits:

  • SSI and Medicaid
  • Developmental Disability Services
  • K-plan and Personal Support Workers
  • Vocational Rehabilitation (Employment Support)
  • SNAP Food Assistance

Entitlement-Based Benefits:

  • SSDI
  • Medicare

Our team of special needs planners educates families on how maintaining eligibility for these benefits can impact your family’s short- and long-term support needs. When coordinated properly with your estate and financial planning, benefit eligibility can provide a well-balanced Life Care plan that supports the vision and goals of your family.

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